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About SpaceScapePhoto

SpaceScapePhoto is a photography company that specializes in interior and architectural photography. With individuals having graduated from Light and Life Academy, India's premier photography school. Our team is skilled in capturing the intricate details of materials and designs. We collaborate closely with clients, whether they are designers, Architects, to produce results that are specifically tailored to their standards. With state-of-the-art tools and software at our side, we commit ourselves to delivering images of a high standard that outperforms all expectations. To discover how SpaceScapePhoto can benefit your projects and brand, please reach out to us right away.

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Meet the Team

Our Process

1. Discovery & Planning:


  • Set up a call to talk about your photography needs, get to know each other, and explain our services.
  • To make sure you fully understand the project, have a thorough discussion about the image requirements, the intended use, and the project scope.
  • Get a full quote that includes prices, services, and terms. If you agree to the terms, pay 50% of the total cost of the service ahead of time to secure your date.
  • To streamline the photoshoot, confirm locations and dates together. Share site plans, photos, and videos to plan angles and shots. We value your feedback on design components to capture your vision.


2. D-Day: Adventure on Site:


  • On the planned day, our skilled team will use professional tools to execute the planned photoshoot and get you high-quality pictures that are in line with your vision.
  • To get things done quickly, please make sure at least one place is ready for the shoot so we can set up our gear right away.
  • During the shoot, you'll be able to see each shot on a laptop so that you can quickly approve or reject it before it's captured.
  • Don't worry—no photographs will be taken until you say it's okay. Once we have all the frames we need, we will look over them all together to make sure nothing is missed.
  • The shoot is over when you give your final approval to the photos, making sure you're happy with the results.


3. Post-Production:

  • Within 5 business days of the shoot, we'll send you the unedited photos for selection through secure Google Drive so you can look them over.
  • You have full control over picking out your favourite pictures from the selection that hasn't been edited yet. This makes the editing process go more smoothly.
  • Once selected, edited photos will be sent to you digitally within 3 weeks via Google Drive. This makes sure that you get a high-quality finished product on time.
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